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Square One Builders is usually an air quality testing company that knows how important good air quality is to our everyday lives. Air quality has been proven to affect your health, comfort, and stamina. Your property in Flagstaff is susceptible to multiple pollutants, and many dangerous airborne toxins, like asbestos, are odorless and colorless. Square One Builders can add air quality detectors to your place to help keep it a safe environment.


What Affects Indoor Air Quality in Flagstaff?

At Square One Builders, we can show you how and where the air quality at your place might be lacking. HVAC and air flow systems may be a source of bad air quality. When your system is failing, humidity and moisture can create mold in areas. Emissions from nearby cars and dumpsters may create leaks and pollutant pathways too. For more information, our experts in Flagstaff can easily inspect and evaluate your place to determine which areas are vulnerable to poor air quality.

    Air Quality Control Services in Flagstaff

    If you're getting ready to move into a new home, we suggest screening the air quality. Many sellers are either unaware of or unwilling to disclose any air pollution or contamination that may be present. To prevent future harm, Square One Builders will conduct a thorough check to determine the degree of pollution on the property. Our specialists have skills in mechanical, environmental, and chemical substance engineering. We conduct a range of lab tests and consult with clients and property owners to create solutions to stop and prevent air pollution outbreaks.

    What Our Air Quality Testing Company Does

    Square One Builders provides complete service for air quality control in Flagstaff. The professionals begin by assessing the indoor air quality, then examining and evaluating all heating, air conditioning, and plumbing systems. In the event that mold, carbon monoxide, or perhaps other significant toxins are found, our experts immediately produce a plan to eradicate it. Afterward, we’ll create air quality monitors to help identify any possible pollution outbreaks in the foreseeable future.

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