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Lead Paint Testing & Inspection

Lead Paint Testing & Inspection Services in Mesa, AZ

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If lead particles can infiltrate a residence, they could potentially be inhaled by all those living in the home. Regrettably, this could lead to significant health threats. Those in the Mesa area who are worried that their home may be contaminated with lead based paint should contact Square One Builders at the earliest opportunity. We offer lead paint removal services, including inspection and screening, to keep our customers in Mesa healthy and safe.

Lead Tests to Maintain Safety at Your Property

At Square One Builders, our technicians have more than 20 years of combined experience performing lead tests in all manner of structures inside the Mesa area. We know that protection and health are a major concern to our clients. It’s our goal to help protect property owners and those who occupy their buildings, minimize their contact with lead paint. And the first step to eliminating this threat is to carry out a lead test at your property.

Lead Paint Testing in the Mesa Area

It’s critical to figure out whether there is lead in your building's paint — your health might depend on it. At Square One Builders in Mesa, we only employ certified professionals to conduct our lead paint tests and inspection. Our team provides been through rigorous training in the field and that we comply with all federal basic safety rules inside the Mesa area. So, if you suspect that your building has lead in its paint, don’t hesitate to reach out to Square One Builders.

Thorough Lead Paint Inspection in Mesa

If you want a lead paint inspection company that does comprehensive work in Mesa, look no further than Square One Builders. We understand the risks that lead paint can pose to those who live and work in a location with this lining the walls. This is why we all ensure our lead fresh paint test technicians are extremely thorough. When you choose the services of Square One Builders, you can trust that your safety is our main priority.

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Square One Builders is based in Chandler, Arizona. Since 2016, we have utilized this location to maintain a strong presence in the Phoenix valley. Customer satisfaction is a key aspect of Square One Builders’ business model, which is why we offer around the clock service and prompt and efficient project coordination. You can trust our experienced team and set of quality sub-contractors to respond to emergencies quickly and work with precision. Don’t hesitate; give us a call as soon as you need help in Mesa!

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