Methamphetamine also known as crystal meth
Meth Remediation & Removal

Meth Remediation & Removal Services in Mesa, AZ

Methamphetamine also known as crystal meth

From RVs to basements, methamphetamine labs have been uncovered in a wide variety of locations. Even when the labs themselves are gone, it does not mean these locations are safe. In Mesa, Square One Builders excels in restoring properties to their original state. Experts say every pound of meth leaves about five to seven pounds of chemical waste; consequently, repair by a professional meth lab cleanup crew is important. Square One Builders employs professionals who are trained and authorized by OSHA to totally take out all toxins and waste from meth lab sites in Mesa.

Importance of Meth Lab Cleanup in Mesa

Since 2016, meth has been the number one drug threat in Arizona, even surpassing opioids. Methamphetamine destroys both lives and property. Even though the lab tools and substances might have been cleared away, meth contaminants can remain in the form of lingering poisons and chemical substance wastes on the wall space and ceiling. Square One Builders has the services to remove all dangerous materials. From detailing crawl spaces to clearing plumbing equipment, Square One Builders works hard to eliminate dangerous chemical compounds from every part of your Mesa property.

Dangers of Meth Contaminants in Mesa

Making and smoking meth leaves a coat of film in the encompassing area. Researchers say the smoke alone leaves behind red phosphorous, ephedrine, hydrochloric acid, and sodium hydroxide. Making meth leaves even much more harmful residue. This can cause a variety of health risks, thus leave cleaning and restoration to the experts at Square One Builders. Our certified meth decontamination professionals will remove most chemical traces from your Mesa property and remediate every surrounding area. If any kind of area is left untouched, harmful chemicals can stay in place for years.

Process of Mesa Meth Decontamination

Square One Builders follows OSHA and EPA guidelines during the whole meth decontamination process. After securing the space, Square One Builders will begin by ventilating the whole area with fresh, clean air. Once they’ve made an overall cleanup plan for the facility, our experts will begin repairing the region and removing all of the polluted items. Before finishing the job, Square One Builders conducts multiple assessments to make sure all toxins have been removed from not only from the rooms but from the water, plumbing, and air systems as well.

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