Background of blue ice meth crystal style
Commercial Meth Remediation

Commercial Meth Contamination Remediation, Cleanup & Testing Services in Mesa, AZ

Background of blue ice meth crystal style

Before 2012, meth labs were predominantly in rural areas, but state and federal laws have made it more difficult to purchase the different chemicals and products needed to manufacture meth. Urban areas, though, have more outlets and connections to these items. In Mesa, residences aren't the only targeted area of meth production. Drug dealers and meth manufacturers have been known to set up shop in commercial properties as well.

Meth Made in Mesa Commercial Properties

The last expense any person wants to deal with when starting a business and purchasing a commercial property is meth cleanup. However, statistics show that meth labs happen to be adapting to commercial properties, using different businesses to camouflage the process by helping to hide the odor or smoke. Drug manufacturers constantly find new ways to make meth, and commercial properties are just as vulnerable to hosting concealed labs as home properties.

Signs of Meth Labs in Mesa

Before investing in a commercial property in Mesa, there are signs to look for that may indicate that it has seen meth activity. To start, observe all walls, drains, and sinks closely. When there is discoloration, especially yellow, it could be a sign. It could likewise be a sign if you smell any unexplained odors similar to paint thinner, cat urine, or ammonia. Square One Builders can help put your mind at ease by testing commercial properties for any evidence of meth usage.

Meth Remediation at Commercial Sites in Mesa

The professionals at Square One Builders have the skills and tools to restore any Mesa commercial property to its original glory. In addition to the cleanup methods, we carry out tests of all the fire alarms and other devices on the property. Typically, meth labs disable or tamper with fire alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and also other built-in warning systems. Our specialists in Mesa will make sure your commercial property is perfect and ready to be used.

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