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Lead Paint Testing & Inspection

Lead Paint Testing & Inspection Services in Phoenix, AZ

X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer

Testing your Phoenix property for lead-based paints may seem outdated, but hundreds of thousands of Americans fall victim to lead-based illness every year. To proactively address lead paint on your property, it requires specialized knowledge and equipment to mitigate harmful exposure. Square One Builders provides non-invasive lead paint testing services for Phoenix clients, no matter the scope. Don’t risk your health on the other guys—call our certified experts here at Square One Builders today.

Lead Paint Testing in Phoenix

DIY asbestos testing kits you can buy at the local hardware store often don’t meet the stringent regulations set by the Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA. When you need turnkey, non-invasive lead paint testing, call the professionals at Square One Builders. Our modern technology allows us to test paint layers and other potentially contaminated surfaces without causing damage to your property. With access to high-quality equipment, we are confident our services provide more prompt, more comprehensive lead paint testing solutions for your property located in Phoenix.

Phoenix’s Comprehensive Lead Test

Older homes and buildings are notorious for having lead-based paint and other sources of lead contaminants. You might believe it’s a good idea to handle it yourself, but often DIY solutions end up causing more harm than good. When in doubt, call Square One Builders for a professional, safer lead test. There is no reason to risk exposure to lead-based paints. Square One Builders has the knowledge and equipment to ensure comprehensive solutions for your Phoenix property.

Lead Paint Inspection Services in Phoenix

Square One Builders provides surface-by-surface lead paint inspections throughout the Phoenix area. The federal government mandates that landlords and sellers in the Phoenix area disclose any lead paint hazards, so testing your property is a must if you’re looking to sell. When you need comprehensive lead paint inspections services in Phoenix, call the specialized experts at Square One Builders. Our unique approach to inspection finds and mitigates all lead-based paints at your property. Call us today to learn more about the lead paint services we offer.

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