Crime scene investigation - collecting of odor traces by criminologist
Meth Testing & Inspection

Meth Lab Contamination Testing & Inspection Services in Phoenix, AZ

Crime scene investigation - collecting of odor traces by criminologist

In the last 10 years alone, there has been an enormous increase in the number of “clandestine” meth labs. These makeshift and often hard-to-spot laboratories result in serious risks to communities and property managers throughout the Phoenix area. Square One Builders has a team of experts specialized in meth lab testing, with access to testing equipment that confirms the presence of harmful meth particles and substances. When it doubt, test it out! Call the professionals at Square One Builders today if you suspect your Phoenix property has meth contamination.

Meth Lab Inspection Services in Phoenix

Square One Builders has certified inspectors ready to assess your Phoenix property 24/7. Our expert technicians assist in all communication, testing, and paperwork required by local and state regulations. We understand you’re dealing with a mess you didn’t make, and that’s why our meth lab inspections are thorough, giving you peace of mind. From clearance sampling to compliance reporting, our guys have your back! Call us today and see why our meth lab inspections services are the superior choice in Phoenix.

Testing for Meth Labs in Phoenix

It is increasingly harder for law enforcement and the general public to detect a lab. Meth lab contamination is often discovered during a property assessment or information from neighbors regarding a prior occupant or past real estate transaction. This is why you need an expert team that is adequately equipped for meth lab testing in the Phoenix area. Don’t hesitate—call our guys today for the most comprehensive care in the area.

Meth Contamination in Phoenix

Meth contamination is no joke. Clandestine labs throughout the U.S., including Phoenix, have caused billions of dollars in property damage, not to mention the many health consequences. During the manufacturing process, chemical compounds become airborne, depositing onto walls, ceilings, appliances, floors, carpets, and other critical systems. The residue left behind after a cook still poses serious health risks. If you suspect a potential meth contamination problem on your Phoenix property, call Square One Builders today!

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