young man removing of mold and fungus from room wall with brush and antiseptic
Mold Abatement & Mitigation

Mold Abatement & Mitigation Services in Phoenix, AZ

young man removing of mold and fungus from room wall with brush and antiseptic

Most Phoenix property owners do not understand the difference in mold abatement, mitigation, or remediation. However, these words have very similar definitions. They all deal with the removal of mold issues; the main difference between the words is the extent and depth of the service. Abatement involves removing or sealing mold so it can no longer affect you. Square One Builders, located in Phoenix, conduct tests and procedures to know which service is best for the customer.

What Do Mold Mitigation Services Cover in Phoenix

Just like the others, mold mitigation is the process of removing unwanted and dangerous mold from Phoenix properties. Mitigation handles the removal process on the surface level. Our mold remediation specialists will wipe and scrub all your surfaces and areas for your Phoenix property. Especially for dormant or inactive fungi, mitigation services is the best way to remove unwanted fungi from future development without having to spend more. If future removal is needed, our specialist will be sure to inform you immediately.

What Do Phoenix Mold Abatement Services Do

With most cases, mold mitigation or mold removal is not enough. Fungi can grow and flourish in many environments in Phoenix, especially with moisture and the right Temperature. Fungi can develop inside porous items hiding from the surface. Their spores are microscopic; tests are typically needed to determine the extent the mold infestation. Square One Builders' know when mold mitigation needs to switch to abatement in order to deliver better results.

Unparalleled Mold Abatement Services in Phoenix

Square One Builders always puts our local Phoenix customer first. Our professionals in Phoenix do not use scare tactics to make customers pay more like some other companies; every decision and service offered is backed up by tests and reasoning to prove so. We take your time and money just as seriously as mold infestations. That’s why we provide high-quality and reliable services with a price that works with almost any budget. At Square One Builders you can count on our top-notch team and affordable solutions.

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Square One Builders is based in Gilbert, Arizona. Since 2016, we have utilized this location to maintain a strong presence in the Phoenix valley. Customer satisfaction is a key aspect of Square One Builders' business model, which is why we offer around-the-clock service as well as prompt and efficient project coordination. You can trust our experienced team and set of quality sub-contractors to respond to emergencies quickly and work with precision. Don’t hesitate; give us a call as soon as you need help in Phoenix!

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