Hand with sponge cleans mold on the wall
Residential Mold Removal

Residential Mold Removal & Remediation Services in Phoenix, AZ

Hand with sponge cleans mold on the wall

Mold infestation commonly happens in Phoenix residential properties. Especially if a damp area never dries, fungi can infect that area within 48 hours. If your basement or other areas of your residential property get even slightly damp, you might need basement mold removal done. Everything from Phoenix rainstorms or water spills can cause mold, and if untreated, fungi can overtake your home, threatening your health. Our home mold remediation experts can help guide you complete home mold inspections, set up preventions, and remove current growths, so call us today.

Dangers With Mold on Your Phoenix Residential Property

Home mold remediation on residential properties should be handled immediately and efficiently. Some fungi contain active pores, putting you and everyone with you on your Phoenix property at risk of health issues. Stachybotrys Chartarum feeds off organic materials decaying your home. Its pores attack your respiratory system and activate allergic reactions; our professionals immediately respond and stop mold outbreaks from causing further damage.

Spotting Mold in Phoenix Residential Properties

Mold outbreaks on Phoenix residential properties can be dangerous. Knowing how to detect mold at your home will save you time, money, and pain in the future. If you visibly see mold, you need home mold removal; however, you can also tell the presence of mold by different odors. If there is a musty or damp odor lingering in an area, you should have a home mold inspection done. Keep track of sickness, headaches, and bloody noses as well; if you begin to have one of those symptoms constantly, there’s likely an outbreak.

Phoenix Procedures for Dealing With Mold Removal

If you visibly see mold on your Phoenix property, you must skip the testing process and begin remediating immediately. Instead of handling it yourself, and potentially harming yourself and spreading the mold, call our experts. If it has spread into your HVAC or water systems, you need immediate home mold removal to protect your Phoenix property and safety. Citizens in Phoenix know whom to call when a mold outbreak takes over, Square One Builders' professionals have experience in dealing with any mold, such as basement mold removal so make us your first stop for residential mold services.

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