drugs in the form of crystals on a black background, methamphetamine in a plastic bag
Residential Meth Remediation

Residential Meth Contamination Remediation, Cleanup & Testing Services in Queen Creek, AZ

drugs in the form of crystals on a black background, methamphetamine in a plastic bag

Especially when this comes to residential properties, Square One Builders takes extra precautions to ensure each and every one meth residue is completely eradicated. Your Queen Creek home is supposed to be a safe place, and we realize essential it is that your family is safe and protected. At Square One Builders, our professionals will not end their remediation work till your residential property can be entirely cleaned of any dangerous poisons.

Queen Creek Residential Mitigation After Meth Usage

Even if your house in Queen Creek wasn't used as a site for the actual meth manufacturing, Square One Builders still highly recommends mitigation solutions. Meth usage alone results in pounds of toxicity. Physical contact with an affected surface can lead to a variety of health issues, including stunted physical and mental growth in children. If the previous tenants had been active users, we suggest letting each of our professionals carry out their cleaning process to ensure the safety of your home.

Residential Meth Contamination Testing in Queen Creek

When you have a suspicion that your home might be affected, testing is the first place to start. Although many “instant test packages ” are available online, many are known to be unreliable and faulty. With our specific equipment, we are able to determine the location and extent of meth residue on and around the home premises. We also have the experience to seek out all the hidden areas where meth residue tends to hide. Square One Builders strives to protect Queen Creek coming from dangerous conditions.

Residential Cleanup Projects in Queen Creek

For Square One Builders, our specialists follow tried-and-true procedures for cleanup. With this gear and equipment, we are prepared to for every step from beginning to end. Following locating each of the affected areas, we will start ventilation and take away polluted components. Next, the professionals move on to remediating all HVAC and domestic plumbing systems. After a few other steps, the eradication may be finished, but it doesn't stop there. To be because thorough as you possibly can, our experts will carefully conduct multiple clearance checks to guarantee the property’s safety.

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